The Smartalizer™

- the next generation centralizer


Innovative solutions based on hands-on experience
Quality innovation from the West Coast of Norway

About The Smartalizer™

The patented technology of The Smartalizer™ will reduce the total well delivery cost by $ billions, improve production and establish sufficient well integrity.

Drilling wells are both time and cost consuming. Being able to drill, run casing or liner and establish an adequate cement barrier on the first attempt is always the objective. The patented technology of The Smartalizer™ represents the next generation centralizer. The Smartalizer™ will run with identical or slightly larger outer diameter than the casing collars. This design will substantially reduce or remove extra friction as well as the probability of tearing off or damaging centralizers and centralizer ribs, since the ribs of the Smartalizer are retracted an attached to the casing wall. When casing or liner is at wanted depth in the well, the next operation would be a cement job. In deviated wells, the casing or liner will be resting on the low side of the wellbore. With the new innovative technology of The Smartalizer™, a predefined volume of drilling fluid with altered pH is pumped through the inside of the casing or liner out in the annulus between the formation and the casing. This drilling fluid dissolves the pH-sensitive chips in The Smartalizer™, allowing the ribs to expand, lifting the casing or liner in center - assuring a 100% standoff. The wellbore and casing are now ideally positioned for the best possible cement job.

The Team

Helge Hope

Helge Hope - CEO

16 years of experience from leading oil & gas companies like Baker Huges, KCA Deutag, Statoil ASA. Various on- and offshore positions, Drilling Engineer, Rig Manager and Drilling Supervisor. Dual Masters degrees in Technology Management and Petroleum Technology

Alf Breivik

Alf Breivik- Head of R&D

More than 20 years experience from on- and offshore positions for companies like Transocean, Schlumberger, KCA Deutag and Statoil ASA. Worked all positions from roustabout to toolpusher, Rig Safety, MPD Supervisor, Directional Driller and Drilling Supervisor. Accredited IWCF instructor

Jan Georg Tveiterås

Jan Georg Tveiterås - Head of Engineering

20 years experience from The Norwegian Continental Shelf with Odfjell Drilling and Archer. Worked all positions from roustabout to driller. Holds engineering degrees within construction and petroleum technology. Accredited IWCF instructor