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SmartHose is a casing fill-up tool that makes it possible to fill each joint, either during connection or while running the joint below rotary.
SmartHose is easily attached to the Saversub by one person in seconds.
The innovative design allows a lower sleeve in the SmartHose to “extends” with the flow from the pumps. This sleeve will be close enough to the top of the casing and consequently avoid spills. When the pumps turns off, the lower sleeve are retracted its initial position. And one can easily pick up the next casing joint from deck.

Easy to install

Fill every casing joint while M/U and RIH


The technology

The test of the prototype on Oseberg B, August 2019
proves the efficiency of hands-on experience and innovation.

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7`` liner 30/9-B-38 GT2 Oseberg B 15. August 2019 - WITH SMARTHOSE

No need to stop every 10th liner joint to fill

7`` liner 30/9-B-9 C Oseberg B 07. April 2019 - WITHOUT SMARTHOSE

Time consuming to stop operation to fill every 10th liner joints

The proud tester of the SmartHose prototype on Oseberg B 15. August 2019.

We saved 4 hours of rig time!

Contact us and let us show you how the SmartHose will increase
your efficiency.