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The innovating technology of the SmartSleeve will improve micro KPIs and well delivery.

Thread free cross-over

Installed by one person in just seconds

Reduced well delivery time

The most innovative drill pipe fill-up tool on the market

The SmartSleeve technology

We have made a short animated film which, based on our own personal experience, shows some of the challenges we face in our industry. There is zero margin for error, high work pressure and last but not least extreme demeands for precision. We have taken this into account in the development of SmartSleeve.

``The operation goes more smoothly using the Smartsleeve.”

Feedback from Offshore Planner Transocean Equinox – December 2021

«SmartSleeve improves efficiency and HSE.
Less time spend in Red Zone on drill floor and operation while pumping slug. Reduces exposure and manual handling in well center. The operation goes more smoothly using the Smartsleeve.”

Sucess full test Slugging screen December 2021

  • Sat down 10 ton due to pump off effect.(25 ton max design load)
  • Seal holding / No leak with 10 ton.
  • Easy installation vs Svedge for slugging on screen drop.
  • HMS improvement.
  • No need to spin or make with DDM, just lower down DDM(saver sub on sleeve.

SmartSleeve is pure efficiency

SmartSleeve is a thread free cross-over. The innovative technology can be utilized regardless of saver sub dimension or drill pipe. The SmartSleeve will ventilate air while filling drill pipe and enables the operator to break the circulation when the drill pipe is filled. If pressure sensitive tools are ran, SmartSleeve can be set up to avoid unwanted premature initiation of down hole tools while drill pipe is filled.

Contact us and let us show you how the SmartSleeve will improve your well delivery.